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8 Best Friend Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Written by Moka June


Posted on October 25 2020

With 2020 being the way that it was, we probably all have been separated from our BFF's a little more than we wanted to this year. Socially distant holidays or not, there's nothing like making your best friend smile with a gift that shows them exactly how much you really really really know them. 

Use this holiday gift guide to shop for your very best friend. 


1: Behind Every Great Woman Key Tag

Our collection from Ryan Porter is the perfect place to look for a gift that may be small in size but says a lot in words. These snazzy key tags come in a variety of personalities and you can collect an entire set, especially if you have more than one BFF in your life. 

ryan porter

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2: BabyGirl You Got This Candle

Candles really can say a whole lot can they. If you are looking for the most calming gift for your best friend, then look no further because this candle says it all. Warning: I'm not crying, you're crying. 

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3: Block A Clutch

I mean who doesn't love a cute clutch. This simple block print clutch is both elegant enough and casual enough to wear anywhere for just about any occasion. 

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4: Dobi Mini Round Leather Strap Bag

Not only is this bag super-cute, it's also a great gift for the ethically-conscious. This fair-trade bag was sustainably made by artisans in Bangladesh. It's spacious enough to fit all of the essentials, you know - phone, wallet, and everything else.

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5: Meh Tee

This t-shirt is literally for the apathetic friend in your life. You know, that friend that always is like "meh" and that is non-challant about everything. It's the perfect gift that says it all. 

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6: Frida Kahlo Tee

This tee featuring the iconic Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, is perfect for your feminist friend or, I mean, like pretty much all your friends, right? Comes in a variety of colors. Get the set - to get your #squadgoals on.

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7: #selfie Canvas Bag

Like do we even have to explain who this bag is for? It's for that pucker up baby, and "let's take a selfie" friend. 

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8: Be YOU tiful Tee

This tank is just a gentle reminder to be yourself and that you're beautiful. Share it with the BFF in your life and don't forget to add the hugs. 

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