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31 Best Shows To Watch On Netflix...Like Now

Written by Moka June


Posted on October 18 2020




Let's admit it, one thing that hasn't slowed down in 2020 has been the number of shows that we are watching on Netflix these days. Whether you're binge watching or taking it slowly, we've got a line up of a few shows that will be necessary to add to your list.

Our list is compiled of a few more recently added shows and films, but also includes some oldie-but-goodies. We've also included shows that will make you wake up to things that we must take action on, like now, such as David Attenborough's Our Planet. There's both the documentary which was created in 2020, but there's also the series from 2019 which you'll really want to watch to get a play by play breakdown of every aspect of the environmental factors that we gotta take care of, like now.

Follow the guide to start watching. We hope you enjoy your month of Netflix-ing.


#1: A Life On Our Planet (Documentary) 


#2: The Walking Dead

We know...this show has been on forever, but trust us, it's worth getting into. We'll say this...if you like shows like Game of Thrones, then it's worth giving this show some binge time. The show has a diversity of characters (and zombies). It explores human ego, leadership, relationships and sacrifice. Trust us when we say it has it all.


#3: Cuties

While Cuties was the brunt of a lot of controversy when it first came out in the US, much of that criticism was by people who had not even watched the show. The director, Maïmouna Doucouré, creates a telling story of a young 11-year old girl and her coming of age while also learning to live in two worlds, France, and Senegal - the country she emigrated from with her family. 

#4: Our Planet (Series)

After you've finished watching the documentary, be sure to catch the sibling in a series form. This version breaks down every aspect of nature and what we need to do to help save our lovely planet.


#5: The Haunting of Bly Manor 


#6: Dear White People

Ok if you haven’t watched Dear White People yet, then it’s something you can spend a good few weeks catching up. It’s modern, relevant, and hilarious. Definitely recommend checking this one out.


#7: She’s Gotta Have It


#8: American Son

I’m usually against any made for Broadway shows not watched, like on actual Broadway. But this play does an incredible job at highlighting such an important topic on race, discrimination, and family. Kerry Washington does an incredible job.


#9: See You Yesterday

This one is part of Netflix’s Black Lives Matter Collection. The movie holds you in suspense as it follows two teens intertwined in time travel and a police shooting. 


10: Hillbilly Elegy


#11: DeafU

#12: Emily in Paris

Yes, it’s another single-girl-in-the-city show, but can we ever have enough of them? Watch this one, then watch Valeria, and I think you may have a good comparison of what it’s like to be single in a European city. 

#13: Valeria

Obviously Valeria comes next. Per above, watch this show and then Emily in Paris, make your comparisons. Enjoy it over mimosas with the ladies.


#14: My Next Guest With David Letterman | Lizzo Episode

#15: Selena

Selena has always been a legend that has crossed global boundaries from her roots in Mexico to her fans worldwide. Once again a movie in her name graces our presence.


16: Grand Army



#17: Jingle Jangle



#18: Cadaver


#19: Rebecca


#20: The Trial of the Chicago 7

If there was ever a movie that was so relevant to today’s day and times, it would be this one. It’s a movement by another name. In this film, protesters stand up to the government on the ongoing Vietnam War. The protests eventually turn into a clash with police. 


#21: Baby

This Italian drama focuses on the life of 2 teenage girls who live a double life as highschool students and sex workers. Loosely based on real events that took place in Rome, Italy this film takes a great glimpse into the lives of teens and the troubles they face through their daily lives. 


#22: Work It | BFF Goals


#23: The-Forty-Year Old Version


#24: Project Power: Behind The Lyrics


#25: Whose Vote Counts


#26: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom


#27: The Christmas Chronicles


#28: Operation Christmas Drop


#29: Rogue City


#30: Blood of Zeus


 #31: His House




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